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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Showcasing Harry's New York Bar in Paris - where my favorite drink ever, the Sidecar was originated! I was so excited!
What is your favorite drink?

Elizabeth said...

Sex on the Beach :)

Metropolitan Mum said...

Bellinis on a hot summer afternoon, Martinis, Champagne (might be the #1), mojitos, ...

Well, I guess you can say I like a good drink :) Have you tried Kronenhalle Bar in Zurich? Might be your cup of tea/tumbler of sidecar.

Red Boots said...

I love ANY gin based cocktail!! I've not tried a sidecar - will have to give it a go!


ps: thanks for the app advice - I downloaded hipstamtic - I love it!

Krystal said...

@elizabeth..ohh yah sex on the beaches are a close second for me!

@metmum, i will be sure to try kronenhalle! we almost went to acqua yesterday but it was packed :( but it was so pretty!

@redboots..let me know if you like the sidecar!



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