What's in YOUR purse?

A few weeks ago, the lovely Deborah at Metropolitan Mum tagged me to do a 'what's in your purse' type post. Better late than never! I hope you do this too - and if you do let me know in my comments!
1. My favorite purchase ever - a Deena and Ozzy Chain Tote from UO (I linked to the new version). I get so many compliments on this purse! My German teacher (who is from Italy) says it looks Italian - I didn't even try explaining UO to her :)
2. My awesome 'I Love Water' water...thing. It's cute because there's a whale on it =)
3. Gloves and shades and kleenex - liking that lately I'm having more use for the shades and less for the gloves and kleenex! Yay spring!
4. Agatha Christie novel - part of a project I'm doing with a dear friend (oops, now you know the book). We are each reading a book and making notes throughout it - then we'll send it to eachother and read eachothers books making more notes - then send them back again! Should be funny..
5. Soft Lips chapstick
6. a pen of course!
7. Bath and Body Works mint Aromatherapy lotion - smells sooo relaxing
8. My little notebook where I write German phrases and words - then peruse on the train hoping to retain some of them...it works sometimes :)
9. Airwaves gum
10. My train/bus cards, Swiss visa card, passport and of course my Coop Supercard.
11. Swiss Francs...do you see all that change? Do you understand my obsession with finding a coin purse now? 
12. iPhone. I miss my blackberry so hard. Sometimes I even take it out just to look at it. I know, it's sad. But the iPhone's SBB train/bus schedule app has saved me numerous times, so I'll keep it around. Plus I take a bazillion pics with this thing!
13. A pic of my pup so I can show him off like a proud parent to everyone. everyone.

Your Turn!