Friday, March 12, 2010

I bought this cute little bag from H&M for only 5 CHF! It's perfect for my almost daily trips to the grocery store - and makes them a little more fun =) Moving to Switzerland and living without a car has definitely brought on a whole list of lifestyle changes - one being that we can't just go to a Target (moment of silence) and pack out our car with a couple weeks worth of groceries - we can only get what we can carry back on the bus or our bikes or with walking. Not to mention the choice of groceries is a lot different so we are eating a lot less processed and a lot more fresh. Also, a trip to a fast food restaurant, like McDonalds, is a lengthy train ride away when you're starving (which is why you want fast food in the first place) - so, it's not so fast - and getting 2 meals at McDonalds costs about $25 - so you can imagine what eating at a regular restaurant costs!
All of that to say...I need cute tote bags :)


Metropolitan Mum said...

Are you a Migros or a Coop kind of girl? I used to love the Migors Heidi products. Do they still do them?

McKenna said...

Oh, I feel ya! Do you have a shopping bag on wheels yet? It's a must have.. I LOVE mine!

Super cute bag too! I <3 h&m.

Red Boots said...

Cute bag! We don't have a car either, so I depend on tote bags for shopping. xx


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