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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ok, so, there are not many things that can make me ridiculously excited like tell everyone I know, FB status it and be really obnoxious about it-things...but...tomorrow I get to tour Google in Zurich and hang out with some other Expat Bloggers and have a party and the nerd in me is seriously flipping out over getting to see their facility! I hope we get to take pictures!!!! I'm going to photograph EVERYTHING and you'll get to see Google BATHROOMS and Google FOOD and I don't know, maybe even the floor because I'm sure it's awesome. And my fingers are crossed that I get to try the slide!!
Jeanette said...

AHHHHH that's awesome!

Karen said...

That is really cool! A slide? They have one at my brother's university in Munich (so he told me). I'll definitely be coming back to your blog to see the pictures. :)

Metropolitan Mum said...

Exciting! Looking forward to hear more about the google food :)

krystal said...




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