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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

google part II!

Oh the Google tour was so fun! Above is a pic in the lobby of me and some of the other Expat Bloggers at the end. Sadly we didn't get to bring in our cameras in case we captured some top secret information on all the white boards that are everywhere =) (It all looked greek to me!)
The tour started off by joining the weekly TGIF party that the employees have in their cafeteria - complete with endless beer, wine and food! Lucky googlers...
We were then taken throughout the whole office - some highlights were trying the slide! yeah! and the firepoles (which were scary). We also played some ping pong, foosball and guitar hero in some of the  different lounges.
So apparently there is a policy where no employee should be further than 100m from food - they had little canteens everywhere with coffee, snacks, drinks - all free for employees. I was green with jealousy.
Some other highlights were:
1. A spa where employees get free massages when they start and on their birthdays - they pay a whopping $30 the rest of the time
2. A relaxing dark room with fish tanks lining the walls and massage chairs and beanbags to sit in. Must be rough!
3. Each floor had it's own theme - and there were refurbished gondolas as meeting spaces...some were even filled with foam for nap times?
It was pretty amazing - and the best part was finding out that employees could bring their dogs to work - Bama would love that!!
Needless to say, I have never wanted to work there more. Is it too late to re-do my life/career??
Seeing the office was amazing - but I think that meeting a bunch of other bloggers was even more amazing-er! I was so nervous because I had never done something like that before - but everyone was so nice and I really hope we plan more events in the future!

Click this link to view the Google Zurich Picasa web album where you can see approved pictures of the office and all of its fun rooms =)



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