Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alright, so a few posts back I asked two questions. First one - What would be your perfect Valentine's Day gift? And, second, what are you doing for your significan't other? Valentine's day is almost here! So here is a glimpse in to how some other bloggers are celebrating!
  • Metropolitan Mum is being whisked away to a tropical vacation in the Carribean (jealous much?) - I hope you have a LOVELY romantic time!!, that's an idea!
  • Kelly's (Kelly Leigh Gets Busy) perfect gift would be a set of oil paints so that she can DIY some artwork for their house...specifically for the new house they will be searching for on Valentine's Day! Good luck! <3
  • Elizabeth @ E Tells Tales's perfect gift would be a Kindle. And for her love, she will be making breakfast for dinner with his favorite Key Lime Pie for dessert =)
  • And me? My perfect gift would be a bouqet of beautiful tulips and a nice dinner out and jewelry. I'm just saying...ideally, here :) I'm planning on making my young man his favorite breakfast - homemade Swedish Pancakes =) He will know of my love through my sacrifice of waking up early to do this :p


Metropolitan Mum said...

:-) Thanks, I will keep you updated with colourful pictures over at mine. Happy Valentine's day!!!

MaryBeth Hughes said...

i second the flowers and nice dinner. i kind of traditional like that. :)

Red Boots said...

Swedish pancakes sound delicious! Hope you have a lovely day!


ps: yes, I got free popcorn and movies at the cinema!! And agreed, walking round in summertime rain is a wonderful feeling!

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait for tulips to come up this year...oh Spring, I yearn for you.

Kelly said...

Aww thanks for sharing my valentines wishes! We found the PERFECT house - thanks a bunch for your luck! We're actually putting an offer on it tomorrow, fingers crossed! I'm dying to post pictures of it... but I dont want to jinx it. Unfortunately we decided to not buy valentines gifts since we're spending lots of money on a house so I got a cheesecake instead of oil paints. hehe oh well! Sounds like your swedish pancakes were a big hit!


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