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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Under My Umbrella-ella! (sorry, I had to!)

I LOVE the rain. I love it. If I had the choice, I'd rather have a rainy day =) (don't hate). Of course, if it's rainy for 2 weeks I might look forward to the sun. Maybe it's why I love umbrella's. In fact, I just ordered the cutest ever umbrella from Urban Outfitters and a visitor schlepped it all the way over here from the US and I left it on the bus! After only my 2nd time using it!!! After I told 2 people with me to not let me forget it!!!!!! (ok deep breath) So it's back to my huge orange one (courtesy of the Insurance office - be jealous) until I can scout out the perfect umbrella. Here are some from Gilt Fuse that I'm loving. Have you heard of this website? It has luxury designers and fashion brands at prices up to 70% off retail. If you need an invite leave your email and I'll send you one!
Metropolitan Mum said...

I need to be a member of that side. Like in 'desperately need it or dying'-needing. Pleeease!!

deborah (at) metropolitanmum(dot) co (dot) uk

MaryBeth Hughes said...

loving the rain is one thing we do not have in common. but i guess we can agree to disagree. :)

i will however keep these lovely "ellas" in mind for my upcoming wedding in case the angels cry.

MaryBeth Hughes said...

oh, and i am soooo tempted to get a short do. i may wait until after the big day -- but either way i hope to do something drastic!

Kelly said...

ew I'm so sick of the rain. It rains every day here. But maybe it would be more tolerable if I had a pretty umbrella...

dandelion daydream photography said...

im not much of a rain fan.. but i might change my mind if i had that first one! :)

Red Boots said...

The second one is gorgeous!

I don't mind the rain, as long as I'm indoors, in front of a big window, and drinking a cup of tea. I hate going out in it. And recenly I've learned that the single most worst feeling in the world is having rain soaked tights.




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