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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So these amazing wall decals found here kind of make me anxious to have a baby so that I can decorate a nursery. Is that weird? Is that how the longing for motherhood begins? Wall decals?

And because I haven't posted enough things to look at in one day, I thought I would pass on some links that I've been looking at!

  • Nursing Home residents form a biker gang - I love this!
  • A Lyric a Day - If you enjoy tumblr or song lyrics..or pretty pictures...you'll like this cool project.
  • Thanks to Perez I've been enjoying this amazing singer on YouTube. Truly, I don't get in to youtube covers...but she has a stunning voice!


Emily Jane said...

That mural reminds me of some coat hooks I saw once. They were little "branches" with a bird perched on them that you could nail into the wall. Too sweet! They'd look perfect on something like that!

MaryBeth Hughes said...

that is adorable! is it weird that i scheme over different nursery decor ideas? seriously...from fairies to dr suess, the ideas never stop!

Kelly said...

haha I feel like the process to wanting to be a mother starts very slowly. You may start off with wall decals, or ooing and awwwing over the clothes at baby gap or something like that and then one day it just hits you. for now I'm good with my furbaby though! Thanks for the scaring tip I think we'll have to try that!

ps. did you change your site up? It looks pretty.

OneCraftyFox said...

I just love wall decals!

the Lovelist said...

I did change it up just a little...now I just need to work on the header!


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