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Monday, February 1, 2010


(images via Desire to Inspire)

I think these hallways are put together so nicely. I have a long hallway that is in need of some decorating - but it is so hard to incorporate the styles that I have learned to love from all of the amazing decorating blogs I read in to my contemporary Swiss apartment...they are all about modern this and modern that and it's hard to go vintage with floor to ceiling windows, black granite kitchen and the massive amount of space (I know that sounds awful doesn't it)...but seriously...I'm having a hard time decorating and making our apartment feel like home...I suppose it will eventually come around :) 
Kelly said...

Hey! Just came across your blog. We're in the process of decorating our current house and it really is a difficult thing isn't it? We are moving out of here and renting it out in two months, so I am considering it practice for when we get our "forever home"

abigail oliveros said...

I like the black railing on the first photo and the fact that when you walk up the staircase (or down) you get to look through the past. I love liking at old pictures!



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