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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've had my eye on this bag (they have it in black, brown and grey too) for some time. Do I dare order it for $240? I, who has purse ADD? I tell myself that I'm growing up now and am starting to become attracted to quality things; specifically purses, and that it's time to stop buying any cheap purse that strikes my fancy every other month...but I suspect that the purse crush part of my brain could be playing a trick on me...I can't decide...
What color would you choose?
Elizabeth said...

I think I'd do grey. It looks incredibly soft too.

Also, I just noticed you're from Lucerne...I visited there this past summer and it was by far one of my favorite places.

b. said...

oh i love this! i really want a bag like this that you can wear in a few ways! and blue is a surprisingly versatile colour :)

thanks for visiting my blog :) i hope you continue to enjoy it!!




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