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Thursday, December 30, 2010
So, I miss you. And your blogs. And blogging in general. I thought I would pop in to say hello.  I'm having a blast seeing as many people as I can while here in the states - I barely have time for sleeping! Thanks for putting up with me being MIA while I'm here! I can't believe I'll be back in Switzerland in only 5 days - this trip has gone way too fast. Can't wait to catch up with you soon!

I have a new blog address - change it in your infos por favor!!
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

DIY Ornament & A Note

I could talk about how I've only slept 6 hours in the past 2 days, sat on the runway in a plane for 4 hours, flew for 10 more, then another hour, drove 4 hours and all around Iowa...I could talk about all that and how I have to squint to keep my eyes open right now, so sleepy...
But I won't! (even though I kind of already did) because I'm a happy girl! Because I got to see so many friends today and it was all so perfect. Although, I forgot I would have to say goodbye to them again...that is the downside

P.S. Things may be quiet around here for a bit as I'm a little orphan and staying with friends for the next few days - just in case you're wondering why I'm not around!                                

And I'm not surprised I love this!!!
What is my deal with Triangles, I should probably marry them.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My new beauties. Sigh. 


I just fell in love with the Muttonhead lookbook photographs for 2010/2011. Do you like?? Looks so carefree!  

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Poncho and Giveaway Winner

This cape + grey leggings + cute shoes = my kind of outfit!

P.S. Congratulations to entry #18*, Sara {Purses Pastries Etc} for winning the Ande Mönster Vintage Scarf!! And thanks for entering everyone!! 

Don't forget there's a 20% discount for all readers here at Rachael's Etsy shop, Ande Mönster with the code "IHeartVillage".   She has some serious cute things happening with great prices over there like a Vintage Grey Poncho ($30), a hooded wool jacket ($35) with those cool designs, an owl vase ($18), and some milk glass vases ($8) =)
Sunday, December 12, 2010

Urban Outfitters would have a cool DIY on how to do wrapping paper, because it's how they roll. Although, there's no way I'm going to have time to do it - but I do like the triangle one! The eyes one would creep me out, but make me laugh.

Anyways, this was my last weekend in Switzerland before I head home to the Midwest for the holidays on Friday - I spent it hanging out with some of my favorite ladies in luzern and having sleepovers. While I'm so excited to see everyone at home, I'm also sad - Switzerland during Christmas is magical with all of the markets, the hot spiced wine, and tucking away in bars with bad music for beers with friends... and Samichlaus running around town (too bad it's not like this hilarious music video which is in German but still a trip) < -- seriously I've watched this almost 20 times now and learned the dance ;)). I will miss it so much!

Happy Weekend!
Shopping Discount Codes

Today is the last day for this, enter at this link here: LINK!
Friday, December 10, 2010


Dear Branda
Just looking at this picture makes me warmer. I think that this is the prettiest scarf you have ever made! (How do you part with them?)
P.S. Welcome back as a sponsor, too!
{scarf here}

Branda on Etsy * On Twitter * Blog

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fay Andrada Petra Ring

Pretty, right?


I take pictures of random things, like this guy walking proudly through Cinque Terre with a polka dot speedo, his head held high and his hat and snorkling gear. And also this older man with a swan hat. Like as in a hat that looks like a swan.
Was tagged by Flirty 30 with a blog award and quiz...I generally fail at following up with these, I'm so bad at them - but I'm giving it a go now because I was also tagged by Allister Beemilk teeths and PinkOrchids for ones so it's like I'm cornered! (jk) So thank you all! But I'm accumulating them all here and dealing with them all in this one place efficient like. And there is one from Ashley from forever ago that I haven't done yet but am going to... and it's a really good one and I'm surprised she still talks to me since I haven't done it. Actually, I think when I failed to follow up was when she started making fun of me for doing things like spelling out the slash and the whole w i d e thing. I'm on her list I think.

1. Why did you create your blog?
To remember things that I find that are cool! It's pretty deep.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Let's see, I follow and like a big variety - people who have become like friends and I so enjoy catching up on what they are thinking or liking on any given day. I love bloggers who are  themselves and provide interesting content but it's most fun when we click or get each other. 

3. Favourite make-up brands
I'm not big in to makeup but I'll probably never switch from Bare Minerals even though I read somewhere it's probably killing me because of the small particles that are inhaled...ummm....I need proof though. I also tend to learn things the hard way?

4. Favourite clothing brands
I love the store here called vero modo - also - I really like Urban Outfitters, topshop, the usual. don't judge me.

5. Your indispensable make-up product?

6. Your favourite colour

7. Your perfume? 
Summer=Nina Ricci & Winter=Lolita Lempicka

8. Your favourite film?
My mind goes completely blank when asked this question, I have no clue. Maybe 'Once' because I loved the soundtrack.

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Australia - It's so foreign to me, I have no idea what it's like. Except, I'll never want to fly there because I hate planes.

10. Write the last question and answer it yourself: I'm stealing Flirty 30's because it's fun..Secret Dream? To be a back up dancer for all the famous pop stars. I KNOW. (dreaming big huh!)

And don't miss the Ande Mönster Giveaway HERE. For real. I'm genuinely reminding you in case you didn't see it! 

Discount Code for 20% off Ande Mönster Vintage is "IheartVillage". Go ahead, snoop around. (you have to say it like that guy in Ace Ventura)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Noble Town Vintage

I think that every single piece of jewelry in Sarah's shop, Noble Town Vintage, is ridiculously cool and I would be quite jealous if I saw you wearing them! So in order to curb this unsavory behavior, I've started my collection by purchasing this necklace. Are you surprised at what I chose!? =)
Welcome to Sarah and Noble Town Vintage as my newest sponsor!

Noble Town Vintage on Etsy * Noble Town Vintage on Facebook

P.S. I hope you didn't miss the Ande Mönster Vintage Scarf Giveaway Here. You have until Sunday night to enter!
Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vintage Scarf from Ande Monster

Are you loving the vintage scarf look these days? I've seen so many cute girls rocking this look over here that I can't help but search for one too. I've seen some vintage "looking" ones in some of the popular stores but can't bring myself to tarnish the dream of a real vintage scarf a la this one that Rachael, a long time blog friend, is giving away to one of you from her shop, Ande Monster Vintage ~
Be sure to follow her blog, ...It's Simple Love... for random sweetness, interesting things, shop updates and even discount codes to the shop!

To Enter
Check out Rachael's Etsy shop, Ande Monster Vintage, and leave a comment below letting me know you'd like to be entered!

*Winner announced on Monday*

P.S. Rachael is super sweet and offering a 20% discount to her shop if you would like to purchase something anytime through January 31st - use the code "iheartvillage"!  (She's having a $20 dress sale, need I say more..)


Monday, December 6, 2010

iPhone Cases - Beautiful Skin

I looove these iPhone cases! 
Number 1 is my absolute favorite! (Then 2 then 4 then 3) =
{1, 2, 3, 4
(thanks for the intro to this cool shop)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Links & What not

You HAVE to laugh at these pictures of Bama jumping, right? He looks so weird! Or at least for the fact that I stood outside in our parking lot taking pictures like this of him and laughing my head off at myself  (which is weirder?). He did finally get the treat!
But happy Friday!

~From the World Wide Internet~

Some Giveaway Mentions, so many this week!
Bama really is cute though..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Zara Bag

Zara Love

Prada Lust.
I'll never have this just dreaming :) But just in case there really is a santa claus it is now recorded that this is my choice. 

I really like black and brown bags and other dual colored ones. My current purse is also black brown and creme. In case you were wondering. It also has some chainz which makes me feel pretty BA (or something).
                  Ok bye!
Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I wanted to share some Thanksgiving photos with you! I had so much fun looking at all of yours. As many of you read this interview, you know that we had just moved to Switzerland around this time last year and we had no idea what the foods were - so we ate soup out of a package after giving up! It was hilarious and memorable though - but this year, I think we can say that we're a little more settled=) We've been lucky enough to make some great new friends over the past year and had so much fun celebrating Thanksgiving with some of them! (Lucky for us they are "foodie" friends (weird term) and the food was insanely good;))

P.S. See my holiday gift guide collection for you here! (I add to it daily)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Julie posted this on her blog, and I about keeled over with love. This outfit is the best thing I've ever seen this year. (I all of a sudden wonder if I'm prone to exaggeration?) But it really is! (Maybe I'm just excitable.) It's a work of art. I will sell most anything for that coat (not Bama) - where can I find it?

P.S. I put the holiday gift guide roundups as a page at the top - i'll keep adding to it when i come across them!

*Update* So I found the sweatshirt on's only like, $605. SAD FACE.

Bookclub Bloggers Review - Little Bee

I finally had access to a book for the Bookclub Bloggers so can do a review!
Have you read Little Bee?
If you haven't I would not read the rest of in spoiler alert...

I had no idea what to expect when I opened this book - it was heartbreaking, fascinating, powerful...but also a little bizzare and I don't know that I exactly loved it. Like many of the others who reviewed this said - I feel like I'm still processing it and I'm not sure I'll ever really have closure on how I feel since the actually ending was not closure enough for me!
I'm not sure where to begin - so I'll go with the questions posted for the book.
1.  Do you have any personal opinion on "refugee politics" of our safe and wealthy western countries? How has this opinion formed? News? School? Personal experience? What a political question, right? When 2 people, both with opposite opinions, discuss a topic like this - I can always see and understand the points that are being made so I can respect everyone's opinions. Most of my knowledge and passion has centered around the tense topic of the US/Mexican borders so it is the only opinion I feel entitled to have. I'll just say that after spending time in Mexico and interviewing, speaking with and hearing the side of the stories of families who have had loved ones give up everything and risk dying to have a chance at a "better" life - I have to side with them. (cue hate mail). Of course - there are SO many factors and things to discuss, but I'll just leave it light and at that!

2.  Do you think what Sarah did in Nigeria was special? Or do we all have this in us? Why or why not? I'm not sure it was exactly special - I think a lot of people would do what she did in this intense situation - out of sheer desperation if anything else.

Little Bee's voice as a narrator might be one of the most memorable voices from a lot of the books I've read. I loved reading her chapters - I love the new point of view that she gave me. But I think I identified with Sarah the most and found the way she coped with the situation fascinating. I grew to love all of the characters - except for Sarah's boyfriend. I realize that he provided a needed voice/point of view - one that reflects the opinions of many people in the 'real world' which was jarring - I wanted to throttle him. I think it was the authors way of pointing out that one can never ever judge a situation unless one is in it - which I appreciated.

anyway - I wonder if it will be a movie?

my favorite sad quote: 

"…Isn’t it sad, growing up? You start off like my Charlie. You start off thinking you can kill all the baddies and save the world. Then you get a little bit older, maybe Little Bee’s age, and you realize that some of the world’s badness is inside you, that maybe you’re a part of it. And then you get a bit older still, and a bit more comfortable, and you start wondering whether that badness you’ve seen in yourself is really all that bad at all."
Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Coat

Since it's been freezing cold the last couple weeks, it's finally snowed and Mark is probably tired of hearing me cry about it (or putting my hands up his shirt for warmth) I think it's seriously time to think about getting a warm coat (and stop losing my mittens). Last year I went for style and froze all winter long - this year I'm not messing around. Ok just kidding because these aren't like north faces or anything but they are long. Which to me seems warm!
My only dilemma is...which one?

1. Zara Nylon Anorak
2Asos Double Fronted Coat
3. ModCloth Rain Delay Jacket
4. Bostwick Wool Toggle

I'm definitely leaning towards one of them :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Gift Guides Part B

Bloggers faaaaar and w i d e have begun their super helpful gift guides all throughout November. I knew I was going to lose track of all of the great ideas so I've compiled some that I've come across very recently - I hope it helps you too.
Go get em tigers!

What To Get Your Best Gal Pals - Quiet Like Horses
If they like stripes - Dilly Dallas
If they want to stay warm - Wit + Delight
For Yourself...or someone else? - Poppy Brew
Under $100 - Cupcakes and Cashmere
Under $25 - Cupcakes and Cashmere
Best G/F - Express-o
Coffee lover, Homebody, Animal Lover - Inspired Design
Purple Gifts for Her - The4inOne
A Younger Sister - Project Simple Life
Handmade for a Festive Table - PoppyTalk
Little Nieces and Nephews - Express-o
For the Home Lovers- Glitterball
For book lovers - {bug miscellany}

For the Men:
Tech Geek - Express-o
The Festive Dude  - Poppytalk
Unisex - Happenstance
What Men Want - Metropolitan Mum

Stocking Stuffers:
For the Modern, Minimalistic - A Trice of Life
For Men - A Trice of Life
Incredible Things - Happenstance

Madewell Gift Guides
Clothing Menu Gift Guide
Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Gift Guides Part A

I'm excited to tell you about this - Aimee from Chic 'n Cheap Living has been working hard over the past month with 10 different bloggers to coordinate a Blogger Holiday Gift Guide.  Each blogger (including me!) worked to create a gift guide with one type of person in mind. If you click over there you will find a variety of guides from the Etsy Lover to one for men (or mine, the Traveler). I love how they are set up and details for the store and price are also given. Thanks to Aimee for bringing on such a great resource for gift ideas!

Check them out here: 
Friday, November 26, 2010

Noble Town Vintage & Black Friday code

What, a Black Friday discount code on these?

Vintage Brass Long Necklace
Triple Quartz Cluster Necklace

Discount Code: blackfriday


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome Back, Emily

First of all, the important part:

La Emily from El Vintage is offering 15% off through December 15th.

This amazing outfit is from a recent El Vintage photo shoot
(that's not Emily)

Oh Emily - she is great. Girl has so much energy and excitement - she makes me happy by association =) She's been posting about modeling shoots for El Vintage, hidden treasures, fabulous restaurants - but my favorite of all lately was when she took some runway outfits for inspiration and used them to recreate a look using El Vintage pieces - definitely a must see post. Welcome back as a sponsor, Emily!

Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, her Etsy shop or her blog.


I saw this bedroom at Debby's blog, Inspired Design, and it was instant amore..
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome back, Brina

 I'm so happy to welcome back Brina (Sabrina's Second Hand/Vintage & Brinaroze) as a sponsor. She's been hand-making some journals and they are super cute! I'm using paper less and less lately, but that journal makes me want to spend some time cutting pretty things out of magazines to fill it up with =)
Do you still cut things out of magazines? I think I just need to buy them more then maybe I will?

(P.S. Remember the very inspiring Have a Heart project? You can read more about it and get to know her more on her blog, Rose Colored Glasses if you'd like.)

I did an interview at this fun blog if you want to check it out ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Win a Scarf?

A way for you to get mail and for me to say...THANKYOU!

(This is us playing with the speed settings as I whip the scarf around my neck all debonair like. Then Mark was all "krystal, stop making funny faces" and I couldn't! Well, the last picture was my attempt.)

Because this blog is part of the reason I got to attend Fashion Days Zurich and you were cool and endured my long FDZ posts (here, here and here) I want to give away the purple Biaggini Violett scarf that was in my swag bag from the fashion shows to someone. (Part of Penelope & Monica Cruz's line for Charles Vögele in Switzerland).
*I swear I only wore it for this picture!

Anyone can enter, just simply leave a comment below and you're golden. 
(in other words, one entry per person)
(yeah for easy entries!)

Thank you for making this blog so fun!
Le Winner will be announced Wednesday morning (my time)
Sunday, November 21, 2010

Switzerland Sunday and one more thing

I saw this ad wrapped around a...something...downtown Luzern.
I like it =)

Also, today I got to be part of Ren's (Lady of the Arts) series called "Around the World" in which she has bloggers feature 4 different photos showcase inside their home, outside, their creative space and a Wildcard - all with the intention of "stimulating dialogue and promoting creativity". It's one of my favorite series floating around now - To see mine, click it!
Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guess what? I really thought I needed a new Social Media type website so I signed up for
Do you have a page? Here's mine --> Here
Friday, November 19, 2010


So I'm cheating on the star necklace, but...behold. These are like art.
Thursday, November 18, 2010


What I Wore Today Blog

So, if you feel like drawing your outfit, you can submit them to flickr and then the people behind the blog will upload them. I like the outfits, but mostly I really like seeing everyone's drawings and how they choose to do it.

P.S. I've installed a new feature on the blog for books that I recommend - check it out here or see the Pages below my header. My current favorite book is sitting there now ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - A Vintage & Handmade Market Place

Have you heard?
No? ...WHAT????
Ok, I'm going to stop being a huge nerd. 

And instead, more eloquently introduce you to a new sponsor, EfreeMe.

Who: Diana Rainer, the delightful and interesting blogger behind Poppy Brew 
What: A Vintage & Handmade Market Place with NO seller fees, $5 for opening an account and listing 20 items AND a referral program. Plus, you don't even need an account to buy - just PayPal. So - basically the easiest way to buy cute things ever. I realize I sound like a saleswoman, but - you have to admit that is pretty cool!
Where: * Facebook * Twitter
How: Sign up using my referral link here --> link! It is super easy. And then get your own referral link! I'm actually in awe about how easy using this site has been.
What's Cool?: Diana rocks. She even blogs (PoppyBrew) and has an efreeme shop with really cool things. As owner of the site, she is accessible and wants to hear from her sellers and customers to make it the best it can be- and always will.
What's also cool: Is that I've been contemplating selling my photos somewhere. And then ta-da!

50's Marcasite Ring * Jewelry Dish

Here is a small interview so that you can get to know Diana better - as well as a glimpse in to her excitement about efreeme.

1. What inspired you to start the EfreeMe Marketplace?

I was inspired to start efreeme because I really hate paying fees and bills. I thought people should be able to list their vintage or handmade items for free, and wanted to provide a site to do so. 
2. I've come to find out that really is unique but can you tell bloggers reading this why it is the best in comparison to a small variety of other similar marketplaces?
I think efreeme is a great vintage/handmade market site most simply because we are and always will be free. If someone is a serious seller on other sites and they have to pay a commission on top of listing fees, that can seriously eat into their profits. Also, since we don't take any fees or commissions, efreeme gives sellers the freedom to arrange their own payment methods outside of the site (local pickup with cash, for example). There are no fees to dodge! Since we're very new and still building the site up, we're trying to be very open to feedback from sellers and buyers and grow alongside them. Also, if you're a seller and open a store with 20 items or more, we'll give you $5 to spend as you please, just as a little way of saying thanks. 
3. What are 5 things that make you super happy?

5 things that make me happy: mittens. raspberries. ponies. bicycles. snuggles. 
Thanks for answering my questions, Diana!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wishing upon these for these.

they live here
I don't know why I'm so obsessed with stars lately.

(P.S. I had agents in NYC and London but no one can find this necklace for me :( )

P.S.S. It kind of snowed! (I see it on all the hills) =)

(see 15 pics of panda's playing in the snow)

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Cool Kitchen

I don't know why that out of all the rooms of a house, I save kitchens for future planning most often.
I'm a wood floor in the kitchen kind of girl, but the un-matching rug and floor is reminding me of clash fashion - I like!
Sunday, November 14, 2010

Swiss Sunday & Some Links.

Playing on the top of a mountain with some friends ;) Near Gimmelwald, above Interlaken.

I love when people do these, so I do them TOO!
  • El Vintage is having a $15 sale of ALL 98 sale items at her etsy shop...go! (msg her what you want and she'll adjust the price before you buy)
  • Now this is a good "Hey Ya" cover...
  • What is your style? A Quiz.
  • Create your own dress? Yes Please. (via)
  • Scarves galore
  • a 106 yr old holocaust survivor...this is beautiful
  • DIY elbow patch great
  • What would YOU do with your old denim? This blew my mind.
  • Chic 'n Cheap Living is starting her holiday gift guide - sneak peek! watch for mine ;)



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