Look at this art

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

First, I apologize for picture quality, we all now how important that is! BUT, I had to share these paintings. I just saw them on a Secondhand group on FB for Luzern - and I thought that they are so beautiful - they are going for 800chf each I believe...but i can just see the quality in these, right?

Artist: Kate Shaw

Monday, January 18, 2016

These prints by Kate Shaw are magical.

the best cabin ever

Monday, January 11, 2016

This is a crazy cool cabin in California on AirBnB. I want it to be mine! (More photos here)

work hard, play hard?

Friday, January 8, 2016

all photos via instagram.com/daniirey
Does anyone NOT have a resolution to work out more? I've been a runner since college - but lately I'm having some severe discipline problems! I blame winter! and who wants to run in the dark! (actually, I do since I'm so out of shape now, no one needs to see my running!) So with this "new start" feeling..I'm looking forward to trying my best this year to make it a habit (habits are the new goals). and maybe sometimes I skip out on the miles I should be doing - but as long as I show up and make an effort, i am ok with that.

But anyway, this instagram account makes working out look so pretty..

New Years

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year! Has it started well? Did you make any resolutions that you're okay with breaking?

I just returned from 3 weeks in India and I can't wait to share some of my pictures (some of which maybe are already on Instagram). It was...insane. and Wonderful. I miss it a lot and am having a crazy time re-adjusting.

I was looking back on 2015 in pictures and it has been full of siezing the moments, unforgettable memories, new friends, low lows, high highs, new relationship phases and getting to know myself more. I remember at the beginning I was a little off center and had high expectations for fun and clarity...and I find that while time didn't solve all my problems, memories from the year exceeded any of my wildest expectations and I'm leaving it having learned more about myself and in a relatively calm state. 2015 was about fun and a little bit of selfishness...I think 2016 has a zen, keep it together, improving myself, spending meaningful time with, focusing on and giving to others while working towards my goals vibe - but also lots of fun ;) So I'll be navigating that and figuring it out!

So here is to 2016, let us all be well!

Poketo, Gift Ideas

Monday, December 14, 2015

I was simply looking on Poketo for a planner (geek) and then I was like...hmm, I wonder what else they sell and then I saw all of these things which I want immediately. Im glad that pinning things feels almost like possessing them!

striped glycerine soap
ceramic coffee grinder
childrens fairytale mug
japanese bathmat
the worlds mintiest toothpaste

Entertaining Links

Saturday, December 12, 2015

(Above picture: Amazing street art by Mateo, "Forgotten Memories)

Happy Happy weekend everyone! Heres a random little round up of random little links for you, tell me if they are boring!

+ Entertaining: Pinterest 'hacks' that don't actually work

+ 12 Fashion Designers re-design Christmas Sweaters for Mashable

+ Pretty/Sophisticated Nurseries 

+ Decorating with Eucalyptus 

+ A cool D.I.Y. latch hook (remember that?!) rug idea

+ Maryanne Moodie, beautiful wall tapestries 

+ A beautiful bag, its like a pillow 

+ Im going to just face it finally. black is my favorite color. this coat is amazing.

+ Impressive kitchen makeover

+ A seriously beautiful Instagram to follow (indiansummer)

+ When cut out snowflakes actually look cool (as opposed to any i've tried)

Backpacks from Katoko

Friday, December 11, 2015

For the past year or something crazy, I was looking for a backpack and I could never really find the perfect one - until I finally just ordered a regular black Jansport one (which I actually love and use way more than I thought). Really wish though that I saw these from Katoko! Maybe I would even go for something not black!


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I'm addicted. That's all.
(also, it appears i have a style because i have a similar beanie, but i like my beanie style so here you are anyway, absolutely no beanie diversity to be found on village)

credits in order of images
of a kind - pom pom beanies - 68.00
madewell - penfield beanie - 44.00
Huckberry - north beanie - 23.00ish  
idun (told you im addicted) - ONLY 125,00

On texting

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This quote from an article in The New York Times (The Five Stages of Ghosting Grief) by Rachel Fields made me laugh. (also, the article is about dating)
Texting these days is a funny thing, don't you think? I try to keep it in perspective and try not to expect an immediate response...because I know that I don't always respond as soon as possible just due to commuting, walking, child, working, etc. But actually, I kind of wish I was a more reliable responder as kind of a golden rule type thing..

One of my favorite blogger personalities, Garance Dore, wrote an aritcle on "Textonalities" - which also made me laugh big time! It hits the nail on the head about all of the different texter personalities (labrador vs. 1,000 unread messages) and also guys at the beginning of relationships vs. after some time has passed...check it out too ;)

What kind of texter are you?!

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